Weary of war in Afghanistan

Just as Sean Costello (CR, June 24) “Veteran displeased with Magliano” was displeased with Tony Magliano’s column, I am displeased with his letter. Contrary to what Costello states, the majority of American taxpayers are weary of our nine years in Afghanistan. Killing innocent civilians and getting ourselves killed and wounded have not as yet produced peace. Peace must come from within the Afghan people. They must have a reliable police force and army, backed by a strong central government, not a corrupt one.Most Americans respect and are grateful for our veterans of previous wars, especially World War II and Korea. Pacifism must be respected.

We must all work for peace with justice and an end to violence and provoked wars. Because we are Catholic and our religion urges and teaches peace with justice, we must try harder for negotiations, diplomacy and working with the United Nations with united security forces, rather than unilateral invasions.

Catholic Review

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