Very hungry for a pet caterpillar (Embrace the Ordinary)

As I walked onto the preschool playground Friday afternoon, I could see that Daniel had something to show me.

He came running over with a red bucket.

“Mama!” he yelled. “Come see my baby caterpillar!”

I oohed and aahed over it, of course. I had to pet it, which I didn’t really mind, but I also had to pet the worms his friend had found, which I did mind.

“He’s very excited about his caterpillar,” Daniel’s teacher said. “He wants to bring it home. Is that OK?”

I looked down at Daniel and the caterpillar in the bucket. How could I say no? Why would I?

His teacher found a cup to hold it and we were on our way.

I tried to look online to figure out what kind it is, but the photos of lots and lots of caterpillars were making my skin crawl, so I gave up.

As we drove home, Daniel talked about how the caterpillar would sleep by his bed and eat leaves and what else do you think he eats, Mama, because I don’t know, and I’m sure he’s hungry and oh he’s just so, so cute, and I can’t wait to show him to Baba and don’t you think he’s so cute?

The caterpillar is very cute. That’s why his name is Cutie—or was last time I checked. None of Daniel’s animals keep the same name for long. And the photos really are not doing his new pet justice, though I do think the caterpillar is cutest when Daniel is telling you how cute he is.

He (she?) is living in a little bug cage on our back porch. The boys are feeding it leaves and talking to it and wondering what else they can do to make it comfortable.

I have been advocating for freedom, but Daniel desperately wants to see the caterpillar become a moth or a butterfly. I’m wondering how quickly that might happen. Probably not soon enough.

For now, though, Daniel is just so proud to be a pet owner.

And, considering that he had been hoping for a cheetah or an owl, I think Mama and Baba got off pretty easy this time.

Joining Gina for one of my favorite link-ups, Embrace the Ordinary.

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