TV during Holy Week

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is the time of year when major networks air new and old documentaries and dramas related to the Bible and Jesus in any way shape or form. I think this year has the largest selection as we kicked off Palm Sunday with the dramatization of Bill O’Reilly’s book, “Killing Jesus.” To come as a two-part miniseries on CBS starting Tuesday is “Dove Keepers,” while next Sunday will bring us “A.D.” and “The Ten Commandments.”
If you have cable or satellite, you’ll notice an uptick in documentaries on both of the History channels, National Geographic, and the American Heroes Channel.
That’s a lot of programming!

Now, I don’t mind the rise in interest, but if you are going to sit and watch any of these shows, remember the program may not present Christianity or the Catholic Church in the best light (unless you see “Secret Access: Vatican because that one is good). Some of these programs exist to try and prove or disprove certain events in the Bible and nothing is off limits. Everything from the Resurrection, the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark and if there is evidence of a flood, and the destruction of Soddam and Gomorrah.

While I’m a big fan of history and documentaries, I have a few rules I use while watching so I don’t throw my TV out of the window:
1. When in doubt, look it up.
If an expert says something that doesn’t jive with what I remember in the Bible, I simply pull out my Bible and look it up. Same goes for anything claimed historically. Even though all historically claims cannot be verified with a simple Internet search, it is best to get as far as you can and then consult a priest or church historian. If it’s a big issue, someone may have already written about it. 
2. You decide.
I remember I’m the only one who needs to accept or reject what is in front of me. Knowing that means I don’t have to get caught up in someone’s theory or believe it all goes back to a particle in theoretical physics which has yet to be found. Time will test all theories but we are human so there will always be questions. Questions are good; just be ready pray to hear the truth.
3. Change the channel.
Sometimes there is too much misinformation or it is of such low quality that the best thing to do is to stop watching. No reason to torture yourself!
Enjoy Holy Week and drop a note in the comments if you have a favorite movie/miniseries you like to watch each year!

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