Transfer military spending to those in need

I agree completely with George Eustaquio’s letter (CR, Jan. 22) in which he states, “Where is the outrage on Gaza?” I don’t understand why the clergy and ministers from all faiths don’t speak out on the catastrophic conditions in Gaza, especially over the high number of civilian casualties. An estimated 5,300 Palestinians were injured – over half of them were women and children. During the fighting there were 1,300 Palestinians killed, including 410 children and 104 women.

During the conflict the Israelis lost 12, including three civilians and four military personnel killed by friendly fire. Isn’t there some disproportion and disparity here?

As a Christian nation we approve over $700 billion for our military budget, and this next fiscal year the number will be far higher! Our military budget far surpasses any other country in the world. Couldn’t a fraction of that be set aside to help feed the 26,000 children who die from hunger and preventable diseases each day?

Pope Benedict XVI has blessed the efforts of “all those who rather than resigning themselves to the twisted logic of conflict and violence, prefer instead the path of dialogue and negotiation as the means of resolving tensions within each country and finding just and lasting solutions to the conflicts troubling the region.”

Catholic Review

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