Towson Catholic leaves a legacy of caring

Towson Catholic’s motto in recent years says a lot about its history and legacy: “A small school making a big difference.”

It’s been that way from the beginning.

When Towson Catholic High School opened in 1922, the entire student body consisted of 38 students. Located on the third floor of Immaculate Conception Elementary School, Towson Catholic was staffed by School Sisters of Notre Dame and offered students a choice of a traditional academic program or one that included commercial studies.

In the years that followed, the school would outgrow the elementary building and move into its own facility. The Sister of St. Francis of Glen Riddle, who took over the school’s operation in 1926, staffed it for many decades and were known for their compassionate service. Several students were inspired to enter the religious life by the example of the priests and women religious who worked in the school.

Although founded by Father Phillip Sheridan as a parish school, Towson Catholic grew to attract many students outside parish boundaries in recent decades. In its last year, the 250-student body hailed from 56 different zip codes.

Renowned for its basketball program, Towson Catholic produced famous players including NBA stars like Gene Shue, Donte Greene and Carmelo Anthony. Olympic swimming gold medalist Anita Nall also attended the school.

“It was always a small school doing great things,” said Monsignor F. Dennis Tinder, pastor of Immaculate Conception. “That stretches back through the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.”

Monsignor Tinder said he believes the community of alumni will continue to be strong.

“It is our intention to support a continuing alumni organization,” he said.

Matt Palmer contributed to this story.

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