Top 10 posts of 2012, as chosen by you


Last year at this time I was writing my first entries for Open Window, although the blog didn’t actually launch on The Catholic Review’s site until March. So, as the year ends, I thought it might be fun to see which posts received the greatest number of hits.

If you asked which were my favorites, I would have a hard time choosing, but the ones I enjoy most tend to give a glimpse into my sons’ personalities—and their curiosity about God and the world around them.

I loved when Leo asked whether his aunt and uncle would bring a baby home from their honeymoon trip.

Here we learned about Leo’s fashion sense. 

Here I considered Daniel’s extraordinary luck.

I wrote a few poems and even drew my first comic strip.

Then there are some of my favorite adoption-focused posts, a review of author Lisa Murphy’s touching book about losing her son, my thoughts on waiting, thinking back to meeting Leo, and remembering meeting Daniel.

But none of those made it to the top 10. Are you as curious as I was? Here are the posts that rose to the top:

10. Prayers for Teresa

9. Let freedom ring, let the choir sing during the fortnight for freedom

8. That picture looks just like me and Baba

7. Why do we love NFP? Here are 10 reasons.

6. The Sunday dilemma

5. Let the little children come to me

4. Do you promise to cry at your sister’s wedding? I do.

3. What I’d like most is to coast through the toast

2. When are you going to have a baby?

1. Here’s some unsolicited marriage advice—or maybe you’d rather have a Foreman Grill

Even though I can’t promise any wedding posts—who knew those would be so popular?—I will almost certainly write again about taking our children to Mass. I look forward to continuing to share our family’s story with you and to hearing from you, as well.

May the New Year be full of blessings for you and your family. Happy 2013!

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