The Maryland March for Life

Where are you going to be tonight? Right, I’ll see you at the Maryland March for Life.
With the current situation in Washington, it is unlikely that any pro-life initiatives are going to be successful on the national level. It is, therefore, important to push small, incremental changes on the state level, especially in light of the recent tragic death during a late-term abortion in Germantown. Tonight, we will have a chance to voice our support for pro-life laws at our state’s capitol in the presence of many lawmakers.
The schedule is as follows:
5:15pm Mass @ St. Mary’s in Annapolis
6:30pm March through Annapolis 
7:00pm Pro-life Rally at Lawyer’s Mall
8:00pm Free Chick-fil-A @ St. Mary’s School
Four years ago, my wife was interviewed during the march. Her story complicates the idea that there should be exceptions to laws against abortion. Her birthmother was only 16-years-old when she became pregnant, and her biological father was not in the picture. Most teens in that situation would opt for an abortion, but fortunately, her birthmother chose to have the baby and then give her up for adoption.
Without her heroic decision, her adopted parents, who had trouble conceiving, would not have had a daughter, I would not have a wife, our sons would not have a mother, and most significantly, my wife would not have had a chance to live. Everyone, no matter what their circumstances, should have the right to life.
Come to Annapolis tonight to support this issue, and in case you were on the fence, the free Chick-fil-A should push you over the edge.

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