Mount St. Mary’s Seminary

Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, located in Emmitsburg, Maryland, is well-known for its more traditional theology, discipline and rural isolation. It has served as a locus of priestly formation since its inception in 1808.

Mount St. Mary’s Seminary is the second-oldest seminary in the United States. It was founded in 1808 by Father John DuBois, who had traveled to America in 1791 in hopes of escaping the terrors brought about in Europe by the French Revolution. In 1794, DuBois came to Maryland from Richmond after requesting an assignment from Bishop John Carroll. He was immediately sent to Frederick, Maryland. Father DuBois worked hard in his rural area; he established a new church and opened a boarding school for children. Then, in 1808, the Sulpicians closed its preparatory seminary in Pennsylvania and transferred all the seminarians to Emmitsburg. This event marked the formal beginning of Mount St. Mary’s College and Seminary. Seven years later, in 1815, Mount St. Mary’s Seminary was granted a degree of autonomy by the Sulpician superior in Paris.

Enrollment at the Mount grew steadily in the early years. During those early years, the seminary became closely involved with the efforts of Mother Elizabeth Ann