Thanksgiving prayers, blessings before the big meal, music, and reflections: Day 2




In the nine days leading up to Thanksgiving I will share a novena of prayers, reflections, and music selections that may enhance the celebration of this special day with your family and friends.




Day 2:

Today I will share another general blessing from the Sisters of Saint Francis for use with your family before the Thanksgiving meal next Thursday:


Thanksgiving Day Dinner Blessing


Bless this food we have before us, O God.

Let it provide the nourishment we need.

 Bless this family and our friends gathered around this table.

Let us be nourished by our love and care for one another.

 Bless those who have less than we have. 

Let our eyes be open to their needs.

Bless us as we bless your holy name on this day of thanksgiving.

Let us praise and thank you always in Jesus’ name.




Music for a thankful heart: Day 2: 

“Thank You, Lord” sung by Hillsong with lyrics







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