Thanksgiving prayers, blessings before the big meal, music, and reflections: Day 1



In the nine days leading up to Thanksgiving I will share a novena of prayers, blessings for the meal, reflections, and music selections that may enhance the celebration of this special day with your family and friends.



Day 1:

Today I will share a general blessing for use with your family before the Thanksgiving meal next Thursday:


Loving God,

We gather in prayer on this Thanksgiving Day to acknowledge with grateful hearts our many gifts and blessings.

Thank You for the overflowing goodness of Your love for us as seen both on and around this table.

Bless all who made it possible for us to share this meal, especially those who cooked and baked and all those who work the land, farmers and harvesters of this bounty.

Bless us as we share from their labors.

Bless each of us gathered at this table. Help us to grow in love for one another.

Bless all those who are in need and help us care for them as generously as You care for us.

As we gather we remember too those who have gone before us who rejoice in Your glorious presence with the angels and the saints.

May we always remember them and honor their memories with love.

With gratitude in our hearts for all blessings big and small, we pray in Jesus’ name.




Music for a thankful heart:

“For the Beauty of the Earth” sung by Saint Paul Cathedral Choir with images for meditation




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