Amen: Boring in eye of beholder

When we choose to stay in our own little world, it’s not because we are hateful or uneducated or racist. Some like the hustle, bustle and skyline. I’ll take the calm, rolling hills and serenity. 
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Service learning at Notre Dame Prep aids refugees

“The social service program exists to connect students to the broader community surrounding NDP, specifically through the lens of transformation and justice,” said Steven Pomplon, director of the school’s social service program.
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Report shows operating surplus for 2017 in Archdiocese of Baltimore

Improvements in the stock market and sound controls on expenses helped the Archdiocese of Baltimore achieve a positive result on the financial report for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017.
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Archdiocese of Baltimore Review Board provides accountability for victims of abuse

Burkhardt said she has come to respect and rely on the review board, not only to review individual allegations brought before them, but also to help shape archdiocesan policy in the future.
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