Pope Francis and Baltimore Archbishop William Lori are asking for your participation in the biggest listening and discussion event the Church has ever undertaken. It is called Synod 2021-2013, and it invites all Catholics, all people affiliated with a religion and those who are not affiliated with a religion to participate and share your thoughts.

The synod discussions are happening on a global level but they begin in every local Catholic Church across the globe. Catholic parishes in the Archdiocese of Baltimore are holding prayerful listening sessions where the feedback will be compiled and delivered to the Pope. The goal is to make sure that we as individuals and as a community are moving forward together as a Church. It will only take about an hour, so please add your voice and contact a Catholic parish near you or email us at synod@archbalt.org.

What is a Synod?

It is a prayerful, reflective listening and learning event. It is a journey of discernment, in which people are called to pray and reflect upon the Holy Spirit’s will for the Church. Through listening and our sharing, the Church will seek to understand what the Holy Spirit’s will is for the topic being discussed – and thus, for the Church.

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