Stand up for working class

Readers were well served by George Weigel and Tony Magliano side by side (CR, March 24). I agree with Weigel’s assessment of the reactionary behavior of teachers’ unions blocking school vouchers for selfish reasons, to preserve their own empire, but he goes far beyond to attack all public unions and place the blame for the budget crisis on them. He further suggests that Social Security and Medicare are also the cause of our budget crisis.

Rather, it was rampant abuse by our financial class and the failure of government to prevent these abuses which led to the collapse of our economy, the bailing out of this class which ballooned our debt, and the resultant loss of jobs which seriously reduced tax revenues. We see the obscenity of those in the financial class now demanding that their excesses be corrected by working people, who, for almost four decades have not shared in the nation’s prosperity while the very rich have benefitted inordinately.

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