Spring sprucing tips to sell your home

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when preparing to sell a house.

Nina Sloan, an agent for Long and Foster Realtors in Lutherville, suggests some easy and inexpensive design tips to help people sell their home as quickly as possible.

Ms. Sloan recommends getting someone else, an agent or someone who does home staging, to look through the home.

“Those fresh eyes will point out things that you wouldn’t normally see because you are so used to your home,” said Ms. Sloan. “Selling your home is a team approach. You and your realtor need to work together to achieve your goal of selling your property.”

Little patchwork around the house is something inexpensive that makes a big difference. Get rid of any scuff marks on the floor or the walls, said Ms. Sloan.

Any fixtures that are rusty or dingy should be replaced, especially the front door knob and lock. Ms. Sloan said if you are going to touch up a wall with paint, it is best to paint the whole wall.

“Spot painting makes it look like you’re trying to hide something,” said Ms. Sloan.
Before leaving the house, one should make the beds, place laundry in a basket, clean the counters, put away anything that is laying around and empty the sink, said Ms. Sloan.

Showing a home that is completely empty can be a disadvantage because some people have a hard time picturing where their furniture would go, Ms. Sloan said. However, the bare minimum should be displayed when selling a furnished home.

“People love space,” said Ms. Sloan. “Once your home is on the market it is a product, and people buy with their eyes.”

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