Sisters are a sign you can’t miss

If you see a giant nun looming in front of you, you’re not having flashbacks to your Catholic school days.

The larger-than-life photographic cutouts of the Sisters of Mercy, posted on street corners by Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore, are helping hospital visitors find their way to the Saratoga Street parking garage. The 8-foot-tall cutouts depict the hospital’s sisters holding signs directing people to the garage, which will replace the old Pleasant Street garage that is being demolished to make room for Mercy’s $400 million inpatient tower building.

Hospital spokesman Dan Collins said that people might not notice a directional sign, “but if you see this giant sister, you say, ‘What the heck is that?’”

The pictured sisters are Sister Helen Amos, R.S.M., Sister Aine O’Connor, R.S.M., Sister Elizabeth Anne, R.S.M., Sister Theresa Carter, R.S.M., Sister Sue Weetenkamp, R.S.M., and Sister Annella Martin, R.S.M. Sister Theresa, who is the shortest of all the sisters, is enjoying her newfound stature.

The Saratoga Street garage connects to Mercy’s Weinberg Center, and employees in the center and throughout the hospital will be wearing lime green shirts so visitors can easily spot them to ask for directions.

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