Rethinking Black Friday

As I’ve heard about more and more stores opening early, especially on Thanksgiving, for shopping, I took a hard-nosed stance in opposition.

I said it was unfair to employees for cutting into their family time when their wages are already low. And I blasted the rampant consumerism wrapped up in the idea of shopping so early.

Then something interesting happened: I watched two specials where eight extreme couponers shopped last year on Black Friday and I saw something I didn’t expect. I saw 13 friends brave the crowds to bring gifts to needy children. And I started to see good things can be achieved on such a hectic day.

I started to look at my Christmas gift list and budget and thought shopping the really good sales would be a terrific use of money. Isn’t that what stewardship is about? Being responsible with what God has entrusted to us?

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So, regardless of where you fall on the Black Friday shopping debate, I hope we can all find a way to be good stewards of God’s resources! Leave a comment below to weigh in on Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping! And for more money-saving tips, check out my other blog here.


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