Support for Infertility

Infertility affects one in nine couples.  It is often unspoken pain.

Ask that couples with infertility be remembered in the Prayer of the Faithful

Ensure that infertility is discussed during marriage preparation.

“Asking couples how their marriage will be fruitful—regardless of whether they are able to have biological children—encourages them to consider the possibility of infertility and the ways in which their marriage will contribute to the Church. During this time, instructors could mention resources for infertile couples so that the couples could return to them in the future as needed.” taken from “A Few Ways the Church Can Aid Infertile Couples” by Erin Stoyel-Mulholland

Make resources available.

“Infertility Journey.” It’s a long, hard, and intensely painful road that you walk trying to conceive or carry a child to live birth. Why walk alone? “Infertility Journey” is a 21-page booklet written by a couple, Jeannie and Bruce Hanneman, who have been where these couples are now. The booklet covers the marital, social, spiritual, and ethical issues surrounding infertility. Available from Elizabeth Ministry.

Educate parishioners about the moral dangers of artificial reproductive technologies.

Use bulletin inserts, fliers, leaflets, etc.

Form an Infertility Support Group.

Infertile couples face a great challenge. There are great temptations to participate in morally illicit treatments like in-vitro fertilization and others.  Advertise through marriage preparation, Marriage Encounter, and the Sunday bulletin. Provide a time, a space, comfortable chairs, name tags, coffee, and a facilitator who is familiar with infertility and adoption (perhaps a parishioner who has gone through both).

Respect Life