Question of balance

When attending school as a youngster, some of the material in history was then incomprehensible. Going forward after the Ten Commandments, tribes fighting each other and still later in the days of the Caesars of Rome and the brutal demonstrations in the Coliseum, one might have expected over the centuries that society and man would have learned something. With all our “smarts” and advances by society in all fields of life, we still cling to the “excitement” of the gruesome, be it societal conflicts or sports, too.

Huge stadiums have been built to accommodate legions of watchers for events that have become more conflict than sports, not only the active participants but moreso the spectators. One is tempted to reflect that the “natural” disasters (storms, floods, droughts, quakes) occurring are just maybe the Creator’s punishment for the wrongs committed against what He has given us.

Catholic Review

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