Pop Quiz on the feast of St. Joseph

St. Joseph pop quiz!
By George P. Matysek Jr.
March 19 is the feast of St. Joseph. How much do you know about the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary?
Why do images of St. Joseph show him holding a lily?
a. St. Joseph was a skilled gardener
b. Mary and Joseph displayed lilies in their home
c. The lily is a sign of St. Joseph’s purity
d. St. Joseph gave Mary a lily at their wedding

What was St. Joseph’s occupation?
a. Tax collector
b. Carpenter
c. Shepherd
d. Rabbi

St. Joseph is patron saint of all of the following, except;
a. Fathers
b. The universal church
c. Beekeepers
d. Manual laborers
How does the Bible describe St. Joseph?
a. “The caretaker of Christ”
b.  “A man set apart”
c. “The man anointed by God”
d. “A just man”
Pope Francis practices this St. Joseph devotion: 
a. Slips prayer notes under a statue of St. Joseph so St. Joseph can “sleep on them”
b. Sings St. Joseph’s name in Latin every day
c. Sleeps with a statue of the saint
d. Wears a white sash emblazoned on the inside with St. Joseph’s name
Which ancient Christmas carol was written about St. Joseph?
a. “Silent Night”
b. “Cherry Tree Carol”
c. “I Saw Three Ships”
d. “The First Nowell”
This is a popular Catholic folk tradition among those trying to sell a home:
a. Ask for St. Joseph’s intercession, and bury a statue of
St. Joseph upside down in your yard
b. Visit three churches dedicated to St. Joseph
c. Hang an image of St. Joseph on your roof
d. Wear a St. Joseph medal for three days
c, b, c, d, a, b, a
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