Pelosi report scandalous

The decision to publish the Catholic News Service story on Nancy Pelosi (CR, Jan. 11) is a scandal. Here we have the case of a supposedly Catholic government official who proclaims her support for all the anti-life positions, and the article treats it as minor criticism of someone “we can always talk to.” This is a blatant case of giving to Caesar what is God’s.

Vatican pronouncements make it very clear that Ms. Pelosi should not be receiving Communion, for her own good, that she is putting her immortal soul in jeopardy. Yet no mention is made of these facts. It is a disgrace that she serves on any bishops’ committee. To say that she is, “a thoughtful and committed defender of human rights” is impossible since she has consistently worked to destroy the most basic of all human rights – that of the right to life. Without this fundamental right there are no others that can be defended – all become subject to the whim of politicians and judges.

As a son of Italian immigrants, I can tell you Ms. Pelosi cannot be considered as a credit to her heritage. How many more millions of dead children does she want to make us Catholics pay for through our taxes now that she has pushed through the embryonic stem cell funding?

Catholic Review

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