On evil, gun control and the MCC

The Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC), representing the local Roman Catholic Church, has been a vocal supporter of the recently-passed Maryland gun ban. Their justification was, “the Conference has consistently supported measures aimed at curtailing the tragic and needless violence caused by the abuse of firearms.”
I trust, therefore, that the MCC will take the lead in banning pressure cookers, such as the ones used in the recent Boston Marathon bombing – a clear example of tragic and needless violence.
Truly, we must close the “yard sale loophole” on the unlicensed transfer of pressure cookers. No pressure cooker should be allowed to be grandmothered in. We need background checks and fingerprints for anyone desiring to purchase a pressure cooker.
If only Massachusetts would have had the good sense to ban pressure cookers years ago, we wouldn’t have had the carnage in Boston! This, like gun control, is a clear moral issue which begs for the involvement of the Catholic Church! Remember, evil people don’t kill people … pressure cookers do. 
I feel safer just thinking about the MCC working to ban pressure cookers.
Emil Hatfalvi
Ellicott City

Catholic Review

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