No sacrilege in Ranger Rosary

Patrick K. Clancy’s letter objecting to the term “Ranger Rosary” smacked of ignorance and ingratitude (CR, April 19). I suppose he would like to disarm St. Michael, excommunicated modern-day Joan of Arcs, and deny the final instruction Christ gave his disciples at the Last Supper – from now on sell your cloaks and buy swords (Luke 22:36).

Never once did Christ speak ill of the military men he encountered. He lauded them for their respect of authority and for their faith displayed in him. He had much negative to say of Pharisees who thought they were holy with their burdensome rules, rituals and prayer tassels.

Having and knowing how to use a sword does not mean one is living by the sword. Rangers are highly trained to overcome adversity. Staying alive is a top priority in accomplishing a mission. Rangers risk their lives in difficult situations for the good of others. I cannot think of a better place for a rosary than in the hands of a sweaty, dirty, tired, hungry, hunted Ranger on a dangerous mission of mercy, and I see no sacrilege in calling it a Ranger Rosary.

Catholic Review

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