No morality in Bush bashing

In response to “Protest to change Iraq war policies,” (CR, March 1), I say the following:

Everyone, or most everyone, voted to go to war! The immorality is with dictators like Saddam Hussein who suppress and deny their citizens of basic needs and rights. They kill or torture anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Iraq was a haven for terrorists who want to suppress freedom in the whole world. Now that the war has gotten tough, many want to get out, leaving the Iraqi people to be killed, suppressed and hopeless again. This is immoral!
I love the freedom I have as an American citizen, and I pray every day for our service men and women to prevail in fighting the good fight. I also pray for President Bush, who I believe, is a very good and moral man. I am very disappointed to see “Bush bashing” again in The Catholic Review. Where is the morality in that?

Catholic Review

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