Ms. Hardison
(Cardinal Shehan School)
Inspiring Students to “Rise Up”

Recently, it seems like the internet can’t get enough of the Cardinal Shehan School choir. We wanted to give you a quick inside look at the mastermind behind it all, Ms. Kenyatta Hardison.

Ms. Hardison, who teaches music appreciation at Cardinal Shehan School, is a kind, witty person with a huge personality. She is also the Choir Director and the director of the after-school program (YATTAS). She has been teaching at Cardinal Shehan School for 23 years.

Ms. Hardison is a product of Catholic school herself. She attended St. Katherine’s and Most Precious Blood grade school, and is a graduate of Catholic University, majoring in Music Education.

When asked what she loves about teaching at Cardinal Shehan School, Ms. Hardison said, “Everyone here is super close, like family.” According to Ms. Hardison, “Teaching is my calling.” “I always say that music changed my life.”  “My mom was a singer and I always wanted to sing and I couldn’t sing.” “When I left St. Katherine’s and went to Most Precious Blood, it was more a diverse school.” “I couldn’t find my niche.” “I liked PE (of course), I wasn’t a 4.0 student, I just couldn’t find where I belonged.” “I would go to my mom’s shows and I would want to sing like her, but I felt like I was just existing.” “One day I just started singing, it just came to me.” I remember my music teacher at Most Precious Blood, Mr. Edelstien, gave me a solo to sing.” “Just from that moment my whole life changed.” “All of a sudden, I was “Kenyatta Hardison- the girl who can sing.” “I became someone in school.” “So for me, I always want to help students find their niche and find who they are.” “Now because it’s arts, that’s what I pull out.” “It’s interesting, a lot of my students are the ones that act up- but they’re great in drama!” “My goal is to help students find their niche, whether they’re into the arts, are curious, or are not into the arts at all.” “I want to help them find their purpose.”