Mountains are moving as Teresa waits for a new heart

A few weeks ago, I invited you to pray that Teresa would be listed for a heart transplant.

God is so good! Prayer has moved mountains yet again for Teresa! Not only has this sweet little girl been listed to receive a transplant, but her family received the news that their insurance will cover the transplant. Now Teresa and her faith-filled parents could receive the call to go to the hospital at any time.

So I invite you again to join with me, the Bartlinski family, and thousands of other people around the world to pray for Teresa.

O God, how great Thou art, to care so much for this magical child who is such a treasure to all her meet her. We pray that Teresa and her parents will be able to reach the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in time once they get a call that a heart is there. We pray for her recovery and for her parents and brothers and sisters, especially since her hospital stay may be months long–and her mother, Ann, will be with her. As we pray, we also remember the donor and his or her family, who also need prayers at this time.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet Teresa—and even if you have—you will want to watch this Fox 45 story about her. Maybe you can watch it without tearing up when Teresa talks about the people praying for her from around the world.

“They’re praying for me to get a new heart,” she tells the Fox 45 reporter.

Yes, Teresa. We certainly are.

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