Magliano needs to check his sources

The Catholic Review (June 3) has given Tony Magliano another opportunity to promote his diatribe against the military, allowing him once again to do it during a time when we are to honor and remember those who have served our country and given their lives for us.

Magliano goes so far as to quote a renowned Harvard philosophy professor, the late George Santayana. Does Magliano know who he is quoting? Santayana is known for being an aesthetic catholic. Influenced by his Spanish Roman Catholic heritage, he laments his own loss of faith, calling religious (especially Catholic) belief a “splendid error, which conforms better to the impulses of the soul” than life.

After reading many of Magliano’s articles, I find he will quote anyone that fits his agenda without explaining the context and references appropriately. Magliano will use any means to make a point regardless of source and context.

Catholic Review

Catholic Review

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