Liberty: A time for weeping

We are seeing what happens when laity ignores apostolic teaching for whatever reason and bishops fail to adequately confront the laity’s misdirection. We now face a serious attack on religious liberty in this country.

Sadly, we have much to blame on Catholic politicians and theologians who ignore or usurp apostolic teaching authority. We also have much to blame on authority that fails to distinguish within the church, those acting in full communion with it from those who are not. I suspect it will take more than the lifetime I have remaining to see the church undo the individualism and tolerance that is destroying it.

It was a centurion that understood and practiced authority that stood at the foot of the cross and first proclaimed “Truly this man was the Son of God.” It is a time for weeping, just as Christ did at the tomb of Lazarus because of unbelief, even among those who claim to know him.


Jim Devereaux


Catholic Review

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