Let’s start a new trend: Catholic Throwback Thursday





Social media loves Thursdays. On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram you will see lots of nostalgic photos being posted with the hashtag “tbt” or “ThrowbackThursday.” (#tbt #ThrowbackThursday)

Like a walk down memory lane, lots of people are posting old photos that bring a smile to their faces on Thursdays. It has become a weekly trend over the past two or so years. Instagram introduced hashtags for photos at the beginning of 2011. At some point that year, the Throwback Thursday hashtag surfaced. And it has taken off to the point where millions of old photos are reposted on Thursdays.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. There is nothing like a great memory to take you back in time. Songs do this. Haven’t we all heard a song and instantly remembered a significant time and place in the past?


I want to start a new trend. Let’s call it Catholic Throwback Thursday. I did a search for the hashtag #Catholictbt on Twitter and Instagram, and found that there are currently no photos or posts with this hashtag.


Here’s my proposal:


Let’s start posting old photos with a Catholic connection to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The photos can be of important spiritual milestones, such as sacramental occasions; favorite Catholic schools memories; photos from churches, retreats, Holy Fathers, bishops, priests, and Sisters, and so forth. Persons, places, and things that evoke a smile and a memory—with a Catholic twist.

Let’s flood social media with Catholic Throwback Thursday. Maybe it can be part of the conversation about the New Evangelization? Some say, the sky is the limit for a new endeavor. But I say the connections are heavenly…



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 Today Rita is talking about vocations with her young sons.

Tomorrow I will be featuring a look at the new film “Son of God” which is set for release this Friday, February 28.


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