Kindergarten homework—it’s in the bag

When our kindergartener brought home his first homework tonight, he was proud to have an assignment—and it was a good one.

He had to fill a plastic freezer bag with five or six things that would help him introduce himself to his teacher and his classmates.

Now, I’m guessing that our nonstop talker has already talked plenty in that classroom, but just in case they don’t know everything about him, this should do the trick.

He selected (and these are his choices, not mine):

1. A crucifix. Origins: Free in the mail from a Catholic organization, if my memory is correct.

2. A stuffed caterpillar. Origins: The boardwalk at the beach. It is an on-and-off favorite and it’s small enough to fit in the bag. Victory.

3. His recorder. His Aunt Treasa, Uncle George, and their baby daughter gave it to him for his birthday last December. To be honest, I picked it out, bought it, and told them what they owed me. He loves it and played it quite a bit this evening before we put it in the bag.

4. A toy Army truck. It belonged to his father, but John passed it along to our younger son when he moved into his military phase—a phase he shows no sign of leaving anytime soon. In fact, his current plan is to join the Air Force.

5. A Chinese rattle drum. It has an ox on it for his birth year, and we bought it on our adoption trip in China. As I look at this list, I realize his presentation might be more like a concert!

6. A small album of photos he selected tonight. There’s a family photo in there, but only because we didn’t have enough pictures from our trip on the light rail to fill the whole thing. It’s a fun mix of photos and I’m sure his teacher will be able to tell that he picked them himself. I hope so.

I wish I could be there tomorrow when he tells the class about everything he brought. He will have so much to tell them.

Meanwhile, his big brother’s assignments have involved putting contact paper on paperback textbooks. And everyone is so happy to go to school in the morning. How long can this blissful first week of school last?

So let’s say it’s your turn. You have to fill a bag with 5-6 items to help me understand who you are. What would you put in your bag?

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