It is good to mend friends, but you have to know how


The sun did not shine.

Skies were scary and gray.

So we ran from the car

On that wet yesterday.

And Leo was sprinting,

His Cat on his arm,

When the Cat’s tie ripped off.

Leo yelped with alarm.

The Cat is his friend,

Oh-so-special and dear,

And I watched Leo’s eyes

As they filled up with fear.


“Don’t worry,” I said,

“We can fix up the Cat.”

But I knew it was not

Quite as simple as that.

Now the Cat has endured

A fair bit in his life.

He’s loved very dearly,

But he’s still faced some strife.

His tail has been yanked

And re-sewn several times.

He’s served as a weapon

In a few lesser crimes.

And the tie, oh the tie,

Has been sewn back in place

By Grandma, by Mama,

And each time leaves a trace.

The Cat’s skin is worn,

And there’s not much to sew.

But he must be intact,

Though I’m no seamstress pro.


And so with some thread

I again went to work.

The Cat? He just sat there

And gave me a smirk.

Then when it was over,

His friend Leo smiled.

He was sure mom could do it.

The faith of a child.

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