Is Catholic school education really unaffordable?

The cost of a Catholic school education is rising. It is almost unaffordable – but, is it?

To educate a child in Catholic schools costs thousands of dollars. But so does a new car and a trip to Disney World.

To look at the total cost can be overwhelming. But look at the cost year by year, if you will. Then ask yourself, what is your car payment? What is the cost of that week in Ocean City? How much is spent on video games, movies, and dinners out? Yet, all of these things are disposable.

Take the time to weigh these items against an education that lasts a lifetime. An education that will have a positive impact on your child for the rest of his/her life. An education that is inspiring, faith-filled, and rooted in both religious and academic traditions.

Have you ever wondered why teachers are willing to work in a Catholic school, when their pay would be much higher in public schools? It is not because they like to sacrifice luxuries. It’s because they believe in what they are doing. They see results.

They make the sacrifice for your children.

Can you afford not to pay tuition?

Catholic Review

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