Illegal immigration should not be tolerated

“Bishops Address Public Policy” (CR, Jan 25) is among a number of articles that distort the real issues. These articles tout “earned legalization,” the “death” of illegal aliens attempting to enter our country and sending the wrong signal to the international community. These one-sided articles distorted the total picture of illegal aliens. It failed to mention the death and violence committed by illegal aliens who are currently in prison today convicted of murder, rape, etc. against U.S. citizens, the negative impact illegal aliens have on our citizen’s job opportunities, schools, health care, and other social programs.

Building a wall and increasing border security is necessary for our national defense, enforcement of our immigration laws and enforcement of our national sovereignty. People seeking to escape poverty and gain employment to support their families need to begin by forcing the reform of their nation to provide the necessary jobs, training, health care, etc.; not depending on their illegal entry into the U.S. and draining employment opportunities and support required by US citizens.

We are not against legal immigration; however, all immigrants must understand that we have our own culture, society, language, life style and laws. This culture has been developed over more than two centuries by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak English (so learn the language) and we believe in God. This is not a right winged political statement, but fact. The United States of America was founded on Christian/Judaic principles. If God offends you then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your home. We are happy with our culture and do not really care how you did things where you came from; keep your culture, but do not force it on others.
Immigrants are welcome as long as they accept our culture and laws, and those who cannot are welcome to take advantage of another great U.S.A. right, the right to leave and find another part of the world as your home.

It is clear that the course of action must be to secure the boarders through the use of the military or National Guard; arrest and deport all illegal aliens as they are located; impose fines and prison time for businesses who hire illegal aliens; and detain and deport anyone crossing the boarder illegally. A guest worker program can only be considered when these steps have been effectively implemented.

The major issues we will be considering when we go to the polls are a strong stance on the War on Terrorism (inclusive of Iraq), boarder security and enforcement, at all levels, of immigration laws.

Catholic Review

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