Hutson steps down as associate superintendent of schools

Mary Jo Hutson, associate superintendent of schools for the Archdiocese of Baltimore, will leave her position at the end of the month.

Among other duties, Hutson led the archdiocese’s PRIDE program, which works with children of average to above average intelligence who have some form of learning disability.

Hutson wrote a letter to friends and colleagues saying that the decision was a difficult one.

“I cannot adequately put into words the privilege that has been mine to ‘walk this walk’ with you,” Hutson wrote. “The path has been uncertain at times and the ground often less firm than we would have liked.

“Throughout it all, your creativity and tenacity in making good things happen for our young people – often at great personal cost – remains my inspiration and hope for ‘all good things’ that will come.”

The archdiocese educational system is currently undergoing dramatic changes, as it recently closed 13 schools and introduced a new strategic plan for the future of schools.

Superintendent Ronald J. Valenti is retiring at the end of the month to pursue other opportunities. Two of his superintendents resigned last fall.

Sean Caine, the director of communications for the archdiocese, said that it is hoped that a new superintendent will be announced by the end of the month.

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