Worker’s Compensation

Workers Compensation State of Maryland First Report of Injury

Workers Compensation is a policy that pays benefits to an employee (or an employee’s family) if the employee suffers a job-related injury (including death) or disease related to work.  Any time an employer is aware an employee has sustained an injury in the course of their employment, it is critical that a Maryland First Report of Injury form be completed. The State form must be completed by the injured worker’s supervisor or next higher level supervisor. Under no circumstances is the State form to be completed by the injured worker. Once the form is completed, you are to then either e-mail or fax the First Report of Injury to the designated contact provided below. If you should have any questions about reporting a claim, please contact the appropriate associate with SISCO listed below.

For more information about Workers Compensation benefits, contact the The Office of Risk Management.

Archdiocese of Baltimore and Catholic Charities Workers Compensation TPA


Archdiocese Employees Only

and Catholic Charities Employees (Temporary)

Catholic Charities Employees Only (Temporary)

Contact Gloria Foster Leslie Reed
Phone Number 410-512-4604 410-339-5219
Fax 410-583-5455 410-583-5455
Address P.O. Box 42737 P.O. Box 42737
  Baltimore, MD 21284 Baltimore, MD 21284