How will people of faith vote?


President Obama has failed America with his domestic economic policies, massive debt, high unemployment, high energy prices and socialism with big government dependency, weakness because we cannot be a military superpower if we are not an economic superpower.

Obama has failed America and Israel with his flawed Middle East policies by eroding our support for Israel and showing lack of resolve to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, all as our people are killed and our embassies burn. Maybe people of faith can rationalize these failures, but will they ignore the moral component that all religions teach? Obama favors “unlimited” abortions at any stage of pregnancy and same-sex marriage, which are contrary to church doctrines. There is a contest with the Catholic Church about paying for birth control which is seen as an attack on freedom of religion.

At the Democrat convention, delegates wanted to vote God, and Jerusalem, out of their platform. How will people of faith vote in the most important election in our history?


Joe Wible Sr.


Catholic Review

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