He had me at ‘y’all’

I’m a fan of the simple things – giving back, being thankful, having fun and enjoying life. I think that’s why I have taken such a liking to Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith.

Just two weeks shy of his 23rd birthday, Smith is a passionate, enthusiastic football player who has really struck a chord in the land of purple pride. Yes he’s making stellar catches in the endzone, but more than that, he is simply a good person.

Long before I saw the Today Show episode where he spoke with Jenna Bush about raising his six siblings while his mom worked, I started following this Ravens rookie on Twitter (@TorreySmithWR)

#82 making the catch (Image found on Baltimoresun.com)


What have I learned from my Twitter stalking of the Virginia native who made his field debut for the Ravens 108 days ago?

He goes to church. He often starts out the day with a “Good morning y’all” to his 53,971 followers. He recently got a dog. He’s always participating in community events and giving shout-outs to his Ravens teammates, such as Matt Birk, who recently became father to his fourth child. He talks about his nice, Ravens fan neighbors who bring him cookies and cakes. He thanks God for the opportunity to play the great game of football – but he doesn’t want to talk football all of the time.

He’s inspirational, tweeting quotes such as, “Treat your work life like it’s your first day and your family like it is your last day.”

He appreciates what he has, with tweets such as “Stadium bound. #ravensnation #blessed” or “Life is short. We get too many reminders every day.”

And, while he may be more subtle than Tim Tebow, he is Christian and not afraid to show it, as he indicated in this Christmas Day tweet, “Merry Christmas y’all … opening gifts and being with the family is amazing, but don’t forget the real meaning.”

So on Sunday, as I gather with good friends to enjoy the simple pleasure of watching the AFC Divisional Playoffs, I will be rooting for my team and #82. Get it!

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