Happy spring?

Since it is the first full day of spring, I want to officially welcome what I hope to be a positive change in weather. But as I look out of the window from Target, I see the familiar sprinkling of rain that will become a fixture of the spring season. I have to laugh because, when I left home this morning, the sun was out and I saw no hints of rain. That’s how it is in Maryland, and that’s how spring is.
We have much to look forward to this season, though. We can count on new flowers, Easter, canonizations by the Pope, and school winding down as they play host to proms and graduations.
This spring, I’m looking forward to my sister, Maria, graduating from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute – something she has worked long and hard for! I’m also looking forward to the completion of another school year and my brother, Anthony, advancing to eighth grade. Eighth grade? Oh, my goodness! I feel so old at the ripe old age of 34!
My favorite part about spring? It represents another change in seasons. Another beginning. Another way we can internally and externally reset our lives and get back on course. 
The takeaway, here, is that you don’t have to finish a school year or mark an official change in your life to take advantage of a time when you can do more and be more. Remember those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? Dust them off and see which ones you want to give a second or third go ’round! 
The thing is, there is so much potential we miss because we hold our heads down and trudge through the daily grind. Now that it’s spring, lift your heads up, give thanks for seeing another day, and resolve, not only to be magnificent, but to make each day better than the last. Can you do it? I believe you can. Will you do it? When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. Then you’ll be ready for change. Pray God will give you the strength to persevere and make your heart and mind ready for change.
I’m ready for change! Are you?

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