Governor’s position inconsistent

Gov. Martin O’Malley and his disputes with his own Archbishop of Baltimore over how the governor’s positions on certain issues conflict with Catholic teachings is interesting. In his defense, the governor states that he is following Catholic teaching as he understands it and states how valuable and important his Catholic education was to him in shaping his beliefs and life.

All of us who have been educated in Catholic schools, or have educated our children in Catholic schools, appreciate the value of our Catholic education. We also know the many financial sacrifices that we made in order to keep our

children in those schools. One wonders if Gov. O’Malley’s support of Catholic education would apply to school vouchers or other assistance to enable the children of Catholics and others to attend Catholic schools.

Other states, such as Indiana support such vouchers and the Supreme Court in 2002 ruled that such aid did not violate the Constitution. Of course, such action on the part of the governor would put him at odds both with the teachers’ unions who provided generous financial support to his campaigns and with most in his own political party. If the governor was serious about his statements on the importance of Catholic education, however, it seems he would want to help others achieve the same valuable education that he did.

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