Fix unjust immigration laws rather than subvert them

I am well aware of my foreign heritage and the sacrifices my forbears made adjusting to the law and language of this land helping to make it a much desirable place to live.  So, I find disturbing the insinuation that anyone opposed to illegal immigration is opposed to immigration.  I also find disturbing the suggestion that children deserve a reward from the state for the illegal actions of their parents (CR, Mar 22).


However, it is most disturbing to watch problematic-Catholic politicians buy votes by catering to material ambitions of voting-age people while supporting the abortion of those in the womb, polluting the minds of our youth in our public schools with respect to human sexuality and undermining the definition of marriage to achieve a secular utopian social agenda.


From my read of church doctrine, the best place to advocate charity is from generous donations of people and the worst place is from mandated laws of the state. If existing immigration laws are unjust, I suggest we identify them and lobby hard to fix them rather than subvert them. We are already paying a severe price for tolerance, a focus on charitable works void of any witness to our faith, and problematic-Catholic theologians and college institutions that challenge dogmatic apostolic teaching.   



Jim Devereaux



Catholic Review

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