Request an Office 365 Email Account

Email accounts from the Archdiocese of Baltimore are available to all Archdiocesan staff. For security reasons, these accounts will be limited to employees recognized in the Archdiocesan Human Resources system.

Email accounts can be requested using the address or other available addresses. Requests for non addresses require additional setup and configuration and will be followed up with direct contact from a member of the Archdiocesan IT staff.

Please contact the helpdesk at (410)547-5305 or with any questions, issues or for more information.

Accounts may be requested for an individual or for multiple individuals at once.

To request multiple accounts, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the account request Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Complete a row in the spreadsheet for each individual requiring an account.
  3. Have the primary email contact* for the organization email the completed spreadsheet to

Once your request has been received the Division of Information Technology will begin the account creation process and work through any issues with the primary email contact for the organization.

*For simplicity of management we request that you identify a single person who will be the organization’s representative for email matters.