Electronic Funds Transfer

Many parishes and schools have expressed an interest in offering electronic funds transfer (EFT) services to parishioners and/or school families. EFT technology allows parishes and schools to accept electronic contributions and payments through the use of automated deductions from bank accounts or credit cards. Feedback from previous parish/school management workshops indicated a need for more research on EFT, potential providers, and the overall process for implementation.

A list of pre-screened EFT providers with links to more information follows.

CheckFree Corporation – Affiliated provider of ParishSOFT Online Banking

CheckFree processes ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments for 46 of the top 50 banks. Each year, CheckFree software processes more than two-thirds of the nation’s 10 billion ACH payments worth $24 trillion. Funds are available the next business day. CheckFree verifies transmissions to ensure they are on time and processed correctly. Clients are called when transmissions are not received. Payment files are reviewed for potential problems, such as incorrect account numbers and missing data. CheckFree has partnered with ParishSOFT for its Online Banking Service for parishes using the application.

EFT Services
EFT Web Addendum
Authorization Form
Sample Parish Letter

Faith Direct

Faith Direct is the complete program for automated direct debit offertory support. Faith Direct offers more than just processing electronic transactions; they provide the total marketing and customer service support that is critical to establishing and maintaining this new way of giving. Their results have been more than impressive with a 27% average increase in giving for enrollees. Faith Direct is the future in increased offertory programs. No capital is required by a parish to begin the program.



ParishPay serves churches as the country’s largest religious donation processor. Since 2001, they have handled hundreds of thousands of gifts representing tens of millions of dollars for churches and schools. They do this by collecting gifts to your church on an automated recurring basis from either a church member’s checking account or credit card. Church members receive paper slips to represent their gift for the collection plate. Churches receive a substantial increase in giving as well as more predictable collections.

Washington Times Article
“Top 10 Mistakes Church Mistakes With Automated Offertory”

Vanco Services

Vanco Services helps churches of all sizes increase overall donations by providing convenient electronic giving solutions. Our solutions allow parishioners to give faithfully using the same payment methods they use in other areas of life. Vanco solutions include Direct Debit Giving, Credit & Debit Card Giving, Online Giving and Mobile Giving. Vanco is a PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider working with more than 10,000 churches nationwide.

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