Phase III – Design/Development

Policies & Procedures for New Construction, Renovations and Maintenance Projects

Following approval by the Archbishop, the DFM shall prepare a contract for the design/development plans, construction documents, bid services, construction administration and project closeout by the Architect on a standard AIA form as modified by ALC, approved by the DFM and signed by the Archbishop. The Architect shall prepare design/development plans and an outline specification for the project.

These documents, together with a revised Project Cost Estimate, shall be submitted to the DFM for review and approval with the ABC in a meeting at the Catholic Center. The estimate must be obtained from a general contractor or professional estimator approved by the DFM. This estimate, together with the Capital Project Cash Budget Form, must be submitted to the DMS for approval. In the case of liturgical space, a color rendering or elevation of the interior is required. The rendering shall show such features as site lines, key liturgical furnishings and artwork elements (altar, tabernacle, crucifix, baptismal font, ambo, lectern, celebrant seating, altar server seating, gifts table, reredos screen, choir, stations of the cross, stained glass, etc.).

Required deliverables for this phase of the Work are:

  1. Design documents including detailed site plan (existing and proposed), floor plans, building elevations, building sections, material/color selection board;
  2. Preliminary mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural plans;
  3. Complete outline specifications; and
  4. Revised Project Cost Estimate.