Contest seeks pro-life video public service announcements

SAN FRANCISCO – The Western Association of the Knights of Malta, based in San Francisco, is sponsoring a contest for the creation of 30-second and 45-second pro-life video public service announcements.

Prizes of $1,500 each will be awarded to the best 30-second video and the best 45-second video. The contest is open to undergraduate students attending colleges or universities in California, Arizona, Washington, Hawaii and Colorado.

Winning videos along with their soundtrack become the property of the Western Association. The videos will be promoted on YouTube, social networks, the Western Association’s website and other media outlets.

While the contest is designed to promote creativity in support of life, the following guidelines must be followed:

– The content must not contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church.

– The announcements must promote a greater understanding of the church’s teaching on the defense of unborn life.

– Obscenities and/or vulgarities will disqualify the entry.

Participants can register by contacting “Reel Life Film Contest” on Facebook where they can also upload their videos. All entries must be submitted by March 25. Winners will be announced June 24.

The Knights of Malta are officially known as the Sovereign Military Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta. The organization, which was established to care for pilgrims during the Crusades, is an active lay Catholic religious order and a worldwide humanitarian network.

The order has three national associations in the United States: the Western Association, the Federal Association and the American Association.

The Western Association runs free medical clinics in California and provides nursing services to several parish communities. It also annually sponsors healing Masses in California, Arizona and Washington.

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