Closures pose transportation dilemma

I have concerns for the safety of students who are being forced to choose a new school. Option No. 1 for current Cardinal Gibbons students is Archbishop Curley, which is on the other side of town and too far to drive, not to mention the traffic. Option No. 2 is Archbishop Spalding, which is co-ed and in another county, with access only via Interstate 695, the Beltway. Traffic in the city and on the Beltway is horrendous for an experienced adult driver. Imagine how an inexperienced teen will feel.

Many years ago, my family and classmates faced a similar challenge. Drive 30 miles to a new Catholic high school or go to public school. My family and many others chose the later. As a teen I was extremely angry about having to go to public school. Although I did not finish my secondary Catholic education, I am a supporter of Catholic education and believe it is a vital part of instilling the Catholic faith in our youth. .

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