Christophers distribute new pamphlet on abortion

NEW YORK – A new brochure distributed by the Christophers addresses abortion not as a religious issue but as one of human rights.

The Christopher News Note – titled “Abortion: Stand Up for Life!” – says euphemisms have masked abortion’s reality, but “it is truly life itself that is at issue when a child is waiting to be born.”

Public opinion on the issue, which once showed a majority in favor of keeping abortion legal, has now changed so that most voice support for a pro-life position, the brochure says.

“That means a total pro-life effort that’s more than preventing abortion,” it adds. “It’s about our responsibility as individuals and as a community to nurture and support all human life – the unborn and newborn child, the mother and the family.”

The Christophers, founded in 1945 by Maryknoll Father James Keller, has been publishing popular pamphlet-style News Notes since its earliest days to address timely topics in a way that reflects hope, encouragement and responsibility.

“Abortion: Stand Up for Life!” is available free of charge by calling (888) 298-4050 or e-mailing Bulk quantities are available for $8 per 100 or $50 per 1,000, plus shipping and handling.

Issued 10 times a year, Christopher News Notes have a circulation of approximately 100,000, with copies distributed to individuals as well as groups and made available to prisons and other institutions.

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