Appropriate Action Taken as a Result of the Investigation

In addition to the screening and education of Church Personnel, the interaction and performance of all individuals in a Covered Entity community with children and youth must be monitored as described in the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures

10.1 As a result of an investigation of Abuse, Neglect, or Misconduct with Minors, the Archdiocese will undertake appropriate pastoral outreach, personnel action, and communications with affected communities consistent with this Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children & Youth.
10.1.1 Appropriate personnel action may include termination of Church Personnel.
10.1.2 In those instances when there is a credible allegation of Child Sexual Abuse by Church Personnel, the alleged offender will be permanently relieved of all Ministry, employment, and volunteer service.
10.2 The Office of Child and Youth Protection shall make a formal written report on all allegations of Child Sexual Abuse or sexual Misconduct with Minors by Church Personnel and provide the report to the Archbishop and the Chair of the Independent Review Board The report will include the following:
10.2.1 A summary of the allegation and the investigation.
10.2.2 Any findings or conclusions reached by Archdiocesan personnel as a result of the investigation.
10.2.3 A record of the report made to civil authorities.
10.2.4 A record of and/or recommendations for the care of any victims who were identified.
10.2.5 An assessment of the accused’s fitness for Ministry.
10.2.6 A record of the notification of the preliminary findings of the investigation to the accused.
10.2.7 Recommendations for the restoration of the person’s good name in those instances when the person is falsely accused.
10.2.8 A record of and/or recommendations for appropriate personnel action which may include termination of Church Personnel.
10.2.9 A record of and/or recommendations for the pastoral care of the community affected by the incident.
10.2.10 A record of and/or recommendations for an appropriate communications strategy that is as transparent as possible while respecting the confidentiality of victims, other individuals, and the law.
10.3 A copy of the report will also be placed in the accused’s personnel file.