Catholic Review should publish candidates’ views on abortion

The author of the letter “Avoid propaganda, Catholic Review” (CR, July 17) admonished The Catholic Review for publishing “propaganda” about the Bush administration (Faith-based initiatives trademark of presidency, CR, July 3) and recommended reporting “stories that are factually accurate especially during this important election year.”

The article from the Catholic News Service was factually accurate, not “propaganda,” but yes, The Catholic Review should publish accurate information during this election year about the candidates, especially and repeatedly about what the bishops say is the most important issue – killing the preborn.

The Catholic Review should publish information on where the candidates stand on abortion, such as:

– Roe v. Wade – Obama supports it, McCain opposes it;

– Partial Birth Abortion – Obama supports it, McCain opposes it;

– Violating Parental Rights – Obama supports, McCain opposes;

– Taxpayer Funding of Abortion – Obama supports, McCain opposes;

– Providing Health Care for Babies that Survive Abortion – Obama opposes, McCain supports;

– Invalidating All Laws Restricting Abortion – Obama’s first priority as president, McCain opposes.

Catholic Review

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