Buon giorno, Italia Day 6: All roads lead to Rome

On the Sorrento peninsula road to the marina for our boat ride to the isle of Capri.

After five glorious days of sunshine, we awakened on Tuesday to dark skies and a forecast of rain. Heading to the Sorrenro harbor after breakfast for our boat ride to the isle of Capri, we hoped the rain would hold off.

At the Port of Sorrento: Marina Grande: From left: Annelise, Abbey,  Michaela, Patrick,  Amanda, Eleanor with Azmara ship in background: Lilly at bottom. 

It held off until we disembarked, but then we got drenched wherever we happened to be at the time. Part of our group joined tour director Thomas Randall from ACIS and hiked upward toward the Villa Jovis, the island home of Emperor Tiberius on Capri.

The main altar at the Cattedrale di San Stefano (St. Stephen Cathedral) with crucifix covered for Holy Week 

 Blessed Sacrament Chapel at the Cattedrale di San Stefano on the Isle of Capri.
A few others enjoyed free time at a slower pace. My husband and I headed to the beautiful Cattedrale di San Stefano (Cathedral of Saint Stephen) before the driving rain “encouraged” us to have lunch at the nearest restaurant with a water view window, the Ristaurante Longano near the Piazza Umberton Capri.
Lunch at the Ristaurante Longano near the Piazza Umberton on Capri:

Paella alla Valenciala (tbottom) and Risotto alla pescatoro (top).
My favorite respite in Italia? Cappuccino, of course. A cafe near the marina presented this lovely treat for us before my husband and I joined the group to depart Capri from Naples on the next boat.


Disembarking from the ferry at the Port of Napoli at Molo Beverello, we headed back to our motorcoach and headed to The Eternal City:
All roads lead to Rome:
  Port at Napoli before heading to Roma
I’m hoping to see Papa Francesco for the first time at the Wednesday Audience. Praise God, I have tickets.

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