Bishop offers inspiring words on MLK anniversary

Some 275 people attended a “beautifully done” Mass April 4 at St. Ambrose, Baltimore, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., said Father Paul Zaborowski, O.F.M. Cap., pastor of St. Ambrose.

“Bishop (Denis J.) Madden preached very well about our continued call to be witnesses of justice and peace and to stand in his legacy as we continue to speak out and act out and do what needs to be done so all people have equality,” said Father Zaborowski.

During the Mass, Bishop Madden spoke of Martin Luther King, “who with the gentleness of a lamb and the courage of a lion, steeled himself against violence without ever taking up any weapon but the hope in the promise of the Lord that peace would come to the hand.”

“Let’s stop wringing our hands and asking ourselves what we can do, how will it all end, this violence, when will it end,” he encouraged those gathered. “And then let us ask ourselves what God can do through us. What can God work through my parish community?”

“I pray that each of you and each parish will unfurl your sails so that the divine winds may guide you,” Bishop Madden said.

Father Zaborowski described it as a “joyful evening” that was attended my many priests and religious, and ended with a candlelight procession onto Park Heights Ave.

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