“Through the mission of the Church, Jesus Christ Himself continues to evangelize and act ….  Through the proclamation of the Gospel, the risen Jesus becomes our contemporary, so that those who welcome Him with faith and love can experience the transforming power of His Spirit.”— Pope Francis

A Message From Archbishop Lori

With these words on World Mission Day 2017, Pope Francis outlined the Church’s mission – a mission that brings Jesus Christ into our lives on a daily basis.

As we join Together In Mission, these words become even more meaningful. For it is through us, through our actions and words, that we are able to share Jesus with every member of our community. We might ask ourselves, “What is my mission in life as a Catholic?” Pope Francis has given us the answer. We are to further the mission of our Church through evangelization.

When we fully commit to evangelization, we foster in others a deeper relationship with the Risen Christ. And for those who are only beginning to encounter His saving grace, we will lead them to realize “the transforming power of his Spirit.” This is the steadfast mission of our Archdiocese, and one to which we must commit in order to fulfill our Lord’s desire of our becoming His missionary disciples.

The Archbishop’s Annual Appeal presents each of us with an opportunity to support this mission. Through the Appeal, and through the countless good works it enables, we will help bring Jesus into the lives of our neighbors. In asking for your support for the 2018 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, I am asking for your generosity to help deepen and expand the presence of Christ in our community.

Most Reverend William E. Lori
Archbishop of Baltimore

Archbishop William E. Lori

Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Contact Information
Phone: 410-547-5356

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To make a gift by mail,
make your check payable to
The Archbishop’s Annual Appeal
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Please enjoy the video below, Together In Mission,
for a sampling of just some of the ministries
made possible through your generous support
of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.